“If dropping meteors on your friends sounds like your kind of game, be sure to check out Dino Dodge and the expansions.”

  • Reviewer: Tantrum House
  • Location: United States

“I really enjoy this one, a lot of fun, and everyone around the table had fun as well!”

  • Reviewer: Unfiltered Gamer
  • Location: United States

“Great for introducing people to quick, filler games…but the game still has that level of strategy to keep experienced gamers.”

  • Reviewer: Logan Chops
  • Location: United States

“It was an interesting and fun theme, it’s kind of a light filler game…it is a player elimination game but usually when it’s that short it doesn’t bother me.”

  • Reviewer: Legends of Nerdvana
  • Location: United States

“Definitely kid-friendly…this still would be a fun little party game. A game opener…doesn’t take too long.”

  • Reviewer: Gettin’ Jiggly Wit It
  • Location: United States

“It feels like a family game without having to be a family game. But I think you can introduce this to your kids pretty easily.”

  • Reviewer: Chits & Chats
  • Location: United States

“If you like quicker games…filler games to play before game night…or ending the night…I think this is for you.”

  • Reviewer: Calvin’s Got Game
  • Location: United States

“This a really colorful game that you can play with kids and adults, moving dinosaurs around the table, pushing others, making some “friendenemies” in a fun way.”

  • Reviewer: Proximo Turno
  • Location: Mexico

“A small box with a lot of fun inside! Quick set-up, easy to learn and for the whole family.”

  • Reviewer: Jenders Gaming
  • Location: Sweden

“It was a fun game…very simple…very good family game…very quick, it didn’t take long time to play.”

  • Reviewer: OMG Nexus
  • Location: United States

“I would give it a recommendation. This is a light game, not heavy at all, and easy to learn.”

  • Reviewer: Board Game Museum
  • Location: United States

“…don’t be fooled by its seductive art and seeming simplicity, Dino Dodge is in reality a ruthless highly strategic ‘take that’ game.”

  • Reviewer: Board’s Eye View
  • Location: United Kingdom

“The art is very fun and it was the first thing that grabbed our attention.”

  • Reviewer: chelkalovesboardgames
  • Location: United States

“Cute art, easy to learn, plays in about 20 minutes. Perfect for those who like lightweight games!”

  • Reviewer: Pudgy Cat Games
  • Location: United States

“Inge and I love these type of games and have a lot of fun teasing each other.”

  • Reviewer: Pioniers
  • Location: The Netherlands

“I’ll give it two captivitaing thumbs up. I can see it being a staple on our table during family game nights for years to come.”

  • Reviewer: Board Game Immersion
  • Location: United States

“Dino Dodge is a cute and neat game about the last days of the dinosaurs. It plays really fast, especially the first plays before you worked out some strategies.”

  • Reviewer: Ordinary Board Gamer
  • Location: Sweden
new board game 2022 dinosaur

“Dino Dodge is a very cute game. It’s a nice filler that plays in around 20 minutes, and the base game can be easily adapted to play with younger children.”

  • Reviewer: Meals and Meeples
  • Location: Canada
new board game 2022 dinosaur

“It’s a pretty fun game…simple to learn and easy to play and it could be a great game to play with your kids.”

  • Reviewer: Nerd Problems Gaming
  • Location: United States

“For being a take that game, I have to say that Dino Dodge surprised me with the amount of strategy in the gameplay.”

  • Reviewer: Purple Phoenix Games
  • Location: United States

“Whilst the other games are really easy going games for kids, you can play Dino Dodge in a dirtier way with friends. “

  • Reviewer: START2GAME
  • Location: Belgium



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